I found Janet’s course through a website, after looking at many others. Janet was the only one who responded personally to my inquiry. I am an advanced sewer, and I had a limited amount of time to perfect some specific skills and learn other advanced techniques. Janet helped me to identify new skill levels, and then work on these over the course of 3 months. Janet’s workroom is fully equipped and she introduced me to some great gadgets that made sewing more efficient as well as more professional. Janet shared her larger network of contacts with me to build my awareness of expert websites and sourcing sites for materials. Most of all, Janet taught with humor and pleasure, making each day fun and full of surprises. I feel I can go out and begin my own dressmaking venture – and Janet continues to support my efforts. Janet inspired me!
~Marydean Purves, Dushanbe TAJIKISTAN

My daughter, Christine, took Janet’s sewing classes. It really equipped her to study a pattern and learn some valuable techniques. I would have hovered over her work but Janet allowed her to be independent and work on projects that kept her interested in sewing. One year she made gifts for the whole family for Christmas! Students that have taken Janet’s classes are confident seamstresses.

My daughter Kayla has taken several sewing classes from Janet. One year before Christmas Janet gave the girls in the class a selection of gifts to make for family members and friends. The projects allowed the kids to learn basic sewing skills while having a good time. During another class the girls made their own Halloween costumes. Kayla has thoroughly enjoyed her classes with Janet. Janet is patient and engaging. She makes learning fun for the girls.

I had absolutely no sewing abilities and was extremely intimidated by the entire process as well as the actual sewing machine. After just one lesson, I knew all the parts of the machine and was learning to read a pattern and sew. Janet is a wonderful teacher and has given me so much confidence and taught me in just a few weeks more than I ever expected to learn about sewing!
~Kelly Meyer

Janet Rocks! I have taken only three sewing classes and have already made an apron and a pillow sham. Janet has the patience to allow us to jump right into a project and knows how to move the class along, so we don’t get side tracked. She is also very flexible and will cater the class to our liking. It has been a fun way to bring out the creative side of me again.
~Sheila Tyler

When I began Janet’s class I didn’t even know how to turn on a sewing machine and in five short weeks I’ve learned more than I could have imagined. I’ve completed several projects both in class and at home. I am quite comfortable in my ability to complete projects on my own, and that is something I thought would take years rather than weeks to learn. Janet is an excellent teacher and uses a variety of projects to teach different skills. Rather than just learning to sew a zipper, I made a pillow that contained a zipper. Having a completed project to take home and show off at the end of the class is much more fun than just learning the basic steps. I have completed the basic sewing class but am continuing on with more classes. I learned so much in those first five weeks that I can’t wait to find out how much more I will learn in the next five! Thanks to Janet sewing is now easy and fun!
~Pam Soine

Janet modernizes the art of sewing, interrupts those confusing pattern directions, builds your confidence and makes sewing fun. I love taking classes from Janet!
~Sandi DeCamp

Janet is an extremely knowledgeable and patient sewing instructor. What I liked about the classes was she did not just randomly teach you skills, she instead used various projects to demonstrate everything and build upon each other. I also liked the fact that all of the tools you needed were available for use, the only thing I had to bring was the specific fabric/accessories for each project. In the end, I made a very nice apron, a zippered throw pillow, a buttoned pillow and a pair of pajama pants for my little girl…not bad for a 43 year old dad! Whether you’re interested in learning basic or advanced skills, you can’t go wrong with Janet!

Janet is an excellent sewing instructor. I hadn’t tried to sew since high school. Janet has unique patterns that are designed to assist the newbie. Take a class with Janet and you will be successful. This is a skill that you will have both fun and reach new creative heights with. Thanks, Janet for bringing my creative juices to life!
~Judy Hall

Janet’s classes are well organized and so informative. In the first series of classes I took, we FINISHED a fun project each class, while learning how to read a pattern, sew a button hole and put the button on — ON THE MACHINE — as well as how to put in a zipper. Janet is an expert, and can help you whether you are just getting into sewing, or have been sewing for a while and want to hone your skills. I highly recommend her classes. You will have a blast, and learn something every time!! I am now on my second set of classes, and I am so excited to see how my projects turn out!
~Michelle Full

My husband and I took Janet Schindele’s Beginning Sewing class together. Janet was friendly, patient and supportive and we quickly learned the basics. The class size was small so we got individualized attention and enjoyed the class projects. I would recommend Janet’s classes to anyone who wants to learn and have fun sewing. You will gain confidence and mastery as the lessons progress.
~Aimee Brown

This is the perfect start for sewing class! If you have little knowledge or no knowledge about sewing at all, I recommend this class. Janet is very patient, and folks out there interested in taking this class will understand that she needs to be! Her lectures are clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed my beginning sewing class so much that I am going to continue learning!
‪‪~Gleidis Baldwin‬‬

Janet is an exceptional sewing instructor. Not only is she extremely warm, kind, and engaging, she is also very knowledgeable about every aspect of sewing. I was very intimidated by the sewing machine when I began, but her patience and encouragement helped me to overcome my fear and I was sewing actual garments in no time! Her pattern choices are excellent and it’s such a great feeling to leave each class with a finished and wearable garment. For anyone wanting to learn to sew, or who might want to brush up on their skills, I would recommend Janet very highly. Quite simply, she is the best!
‪‪~Rachel Cole

Janet Schindele’s sewing classes were very helpful. I took her Beginning Sewing Class I & II.
She was so patient & kind to me, for I was truly a beginner !
I also enjoyed meeting the other students ~~ fun seeing their creativity .

“Janet’s classes are great for people who have never sewed or who are in the beginner level. Her classes cover it all: reading paterns, making buttons and buttonholes, attaching zippers, and getting familiar with your machine. Janet’s class environment is supportive and fun. Recommend for anyone interesting in learning to or growing their skills in sewing clothes, bags, or pillows!”
~Allison Fultineer

“I have had so much fun in Janet’s classes. Janet began with the very basics and has taught me new skills to sew on my own. Janet is always available to answer questions and is willing to share her knowledge over and beyond her classes. In addition, I have been very pleased with Janet’s friendly and welcoming teaching style.”

The beginners class is the perfect class to start with if you have no experience, like I did. Mrs. Janet was very patient with me and answered all my questions in a clear and precise manner. She is very warm and sociable and makes you feel completely comfortable. Her classroom is spacious and she has all the accessories needed to sew. Mrs. Janet has a very well organized class schedule and is very good at teaching different types of learners including visual, tactile and kinestetic. Her classes are very affordable and I learned so much from her. I now feel more confident than ever when sewing. Thank you so much Mrs. Janet!
~Tahlya Hinds

I really enjoyed taking Janet’s beginner’s sewing class. She was very upbeat, patient, and very knowledgeable. I went in with absolutely no experience and came out able to make things on my own. Janet was very friendly and I had a lot of fun! I look forward to taking the rest of her classes!

I have always been very interested in sewing and crafting. After buying my first sewing machine I was thrilled to find a class that could take a person with no working knowledge of sewing to reading patterns and making useful projects. Janet has been my sewing instructor for two consecutive sewing classes. She teaches in a clear and concise manner. I have found her classes to be very educational as well as fun! Under her instruction I was able to make a number of projects that built on the fundamental skills taught in her class. She is a very dedicated and warm lady who makes all of her students feel welcomed and accomplished. I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in sewing.
~Analisa Ruiz

I took a class from Janet through FRCC and learned the basic skills to read a pattern, install a zipper, sew long tubes for tying strings, and make a buttonhole. My confidence grew and my creativity demanded I try more and more complicated tasks. Janet tutored me in my home to talk me through and modify difficult instructions. Because of Janet, I was able to make an entire nursery of decor. My girls’ nursery has valences, black out blinds with tie-backs, adorable crib bumpers, a crib skirt, and coordinating quilted comforters for their beds. Next on the list: Amy Butler’s Honey Bun Poufs! I love sewing because I feel like I can make anything I want! Janet not only knows how to do everything sewing related, but she is also a great teacher. Her experience has helped her figure out the best systems, so she gave me suggestions for how to keep my patterns and sewing supplies organized so I could be more efficient, too. Her in-home classroom is a great example of how I want my sewing room to be. I am so grateful for Janet; she has dramatically improved my craft!
~Caroyln McKee

Taking sewing classes with Janet was not only informative but also enjoyable. I went from a woman who didn’t know how to turn on the machine to a woman who’s now on her third pack of 10 needles. Janet has given me confidence to sew- and boy am I! If you’re looking for a great class that will teach you the basics and much more, I highly recommend Janet. You will walk away from her classes knowing you can do this and that it is enjoyable. Janet is personable, warm and sincere in her love of sewing and by the end of class you’ll have the bug too!
~ Amy Jo Foth

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