I began sewing when I was in 4th grade. I sewed my own clothes from Jr. High, High School and College. I have sewn for all of my children and my grand children. When my Learn_to_sew_cover curriculum2nd daughter was in high school several people asked if I could teach them to sew. I thought about it and decided to start a business teaching sew-ing. I used several of my friends middle school children as “guinea pigs” to see if I could actually teach them. They did learn and still do some sewing today. I tried different methods but I did not like any of them. These other programs assumed that the novice sewer knew all about the sewing machine, making sewing so complicated. Through trial and error I developed my own system and wrote my own curriculum. My goal is not only to teach sewing skills, but to instill the Love of Sewing to my students. There is a time and place for technical aspects of sewing, but beginning sewing is not that time. That was 14 years ago and I have taught many women, children and men to sew. I can teach anyone with my method and you can too!!

Sewing is my passion. I love to sew clothing and my favorite thing to do is to combine several patterns and make a “one of a kind” outfit. I feel that sewing is becoming a “lost art” and now home economics is being taken out of middle schools and high schools. If a person’s mother or grandmother did not sew, chances are they won’t learn to sew. It doesn’t matter if someone wants to sew home décor items, quilting, crafts or clothing. It all requires a basic knowledge of a sewing machine, sewing terminology and sewing skills.

I teach in my own sewing studio as well as the local community college. The students at the college fill out an evaluation at the end of the five-class session about the class, the projects and about me as an instructor. They informed me that the students loved the class and that they evaluated me as an excellent instructor. I decided to sell my curriculum so that other advanced sewers can buy it and use it to teach the skill of sewing, as well as making an income. When you purchase my curriculum you will get step-by-step instructions to teach 20 hours of Beginning Sewing I & II. The students will learn quickly and have a lot of fun. All of the projects the students make are teaching a skill that they will use forever as they sew.

Janet Schindele

If you are interested in purchasing Learn To Sew, LLC, curriculum call Janet for more information. Or, you may click below to purchase the curriculum. After you have purchased the curriculum, please email Janet at with your email address and other contact information. You will then be contacted by Janet and the patterns in PDF form will be sent to you; you will also be given information on how to print the patterns and make them ready for use.

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