My name is Janet Schindele and I am the Owner/Operator of Learn To Sew, LLC.

My mother and sister taught me to sew when I was in the 4th grade on a treadle machine. My mom told me that “if I became good enough” she would buy an electric sewing machine. Needless to say I learned quickly and my mom bought an electric sewing machine when I was in the 6th grade. I sewed most of my own clothing in high school and college as well as sewing for my children, I have 6, and for my grandchildren. My passion is sewing clothing, but I have sewn some of most things. I started Learn To Sew, LLC when I realized that most school districts were taking sewing out of their curriculum. Sewing is such a great skill to have: It promotes eye-hand coordination, reading skills, fine motor skills and creativity; it is also a means of expressing oneself. This is my 16th year of teaching sewing to both children and adults. I love to teach sewing and especially to see the looks of joy and accomplishment on my student’s faces. It doesn’t matter what you want to sew — clothing, home decorator items, quilting, redesign, accessories like hand-bags or hats, you need to know how to sew. Check out my website and send me an email to sign up for classes.


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